Doctor : I have some bad news and some very bad news. Patient: Well, might as well give me the bad news first. Doctor : The lab called with your test results.

He expressed joy at the change, seeing his new incarnation as an improvement over the previous one, which he considered unbecoming. Despite having stabilised physically, he suffered initial personality and mental issues that caused him to lapse into extreme paranoia and violence, even trying to strangle Peri. After regaining his senses, the horror of his actions caused him to exile himself on Titan III as punishment until he had attained appropriate humility. On Titan III, he met another Time Lord , his old friend Azmael . Instead of a self-imposed exile, he soon became involved with stopping the Gastropod Mestor from launching his eggs into space, which would cause death and destruction on every world they landed on. These efforts cost Azmael his life, as he sacrificed himself to trap Mestor in his own mind to prevent him having the chance to assault the Doctor's still-fragile new persona, but left the Doctor affirmed in his new identity. ( TV : The Twin Dilemma )

A man walks into a doctor's office. He has a cucumber up his nose, a carrot in his left ear and a banana in his right ear.
"What's the matter with me?" he asks the doctor.
The doctor replies, "You're not eating properly."

Doctor Who finally returned with the episode "Rose" on BBC One on 26 March 2005. [13] There have since been nine further series in 2006–2008 and 2010–2015, and Christmas Day specials every year since 2005. No full series was filmed in 2009, [14] although four additional specials starring David Tennant were made. In 2010, Steven Moffat replaced Davies as head writer and executive producer. [15] In January 2016, Moffat announced that he would step down after the 2017 finale, to be replaced by Chris Chibnall in 2018. [16] The tenth series debuted in April 2017, with a Christmas special preceding it in 2016. [17]

The Ninth Doctor absorbed the Time Vortex from his companion, Rose Tyler , to save her life when she became the Bad Wolf entity and transferred it back into the Heart of the TARDIS . The forces of the time vortex began to destroy every cell in his body, and he had to regenerate to save his life. ( TV : The Parting of the Ways ) Before regenerating, the Doctor left the immortal Jack Harkness behind on Satellite 5 , ( TV : The Parting of the Ways ) because of his status as a living fixed point in time . ( TV : Utopia )

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Various Doctor Death's Volume V - Hearts Lust In LimboVarious Doctor Death's Volume V - Hearts Lust In LimboVarious Doctor Death's Volume V - Hearts Lust In LimboVarious Doctor Death's Volume V - Hearts Lust In Limbo